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Hagedorn bares 15 priority concerns for Puerto Princesa as highly urbanized city PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 July 2007

Mayor Edward Hagedorn has outlined 15 priority concerns that will be addressed now the Puerto Princesa is a highly urbanized city.

In his State of the City Address (SOCA) delivered at the packed city coliseum Monday afternoon, Hagedorn said that topping in his priority concerns, is power as the city had been experiencing frequent “brownouts and blackouts” in the previous days.

The loss of power even occurred a few hours after he delivered his SOCA.

Hagedorn said he is contemplating on putting up a city government-run power plant if the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) will continue to give poor services to the city residents.

He also expressed disgust on the report that IPPs sell electric power at Php 6.00, but the National Power Corporation (NPC) gensets in Barangay Irawan, this city sells it at Php 12.00.

”If we must resolve the power outlook of the city, we will do so not only in the area of reliable availability, but also on pricing,” the city official said.

Hagedorn said the second concern is water supply. He vowed to address the current water needs of his constituents.

Third is agriculture. The mayor vowed to enhance the agriculture sector to achieve food sufficiency locally and to contribute to the national food security.

Hagedorn said, “We will build more farm-to-market roads, identify what crops to plant that will bring us exports revenues.”

Fourth is tourism. He said he would develop a more active tourism attraction program in an effort to realize the city's campaign to be the “Eco-Tourism” capital of the world.

He also expressed interest to work for the completion of the Sabang Road where the famous “Underground River” is located and the renovation of the city’s airport terminal.

Agriculture and tourism are two major industries in line with sustainable development without comprising the environment, he pointed out.

Fifth is peace and order. Hagedorn ordered Supt. David Martinez, the city chief of police and the policemen to sustain the peacefulness here.

Sixth is quality education for children. He challenged education officials in the city to make children most intelligent in the country.

Seventh is the pursue of the coastal development program to include such amenities as a marine waste water treatment facility, construction of additional tenement homes and the lease of commercial lands.

Eight is the environmental estate in Barangay Sta. Lucia that will be put to maximum use.

Ninth is requiring all telephone cables and electrical wirings to be transferred underground in order to do away with the “unsightly spaghetti wires.”

Tenth is the strenghtening of health and medical programs by pursuing the construction of a city hospital in line with the medical tourism plans.

”We will give our indigenous people more medical missions in their areas, and give them continuous supply of vitamins and medicines, aside from the financial support for their cooperative projects,” Hagedorn further said.

Eleventh is the protection of terrestrial and marine resources. He said, “the essence of sustainable development is in seeing to it that the needs of the present generation are met without compromising the ability of the succeeding generations to meet their own needs.”

Twelfth is the assurance that there will be no increase in taxes within the next three years, but tax collection efficiency will be intensified.

Thirteenth is sports excellence to continue Palawan's championship in the Mimaropa regional athletic association sports meet.

Fourteenth is making the tricycle sector and the commuting public remain in the highways until alternate roads are built.

Lastly, Hagedorn said the city government will professionalize transactions at the city hall, informing that Asian Management Institute and the University of Asia and the Pacific will be helping in the endeavor.

Hagedorn said his vision is to make a park-like city that will demonstrate balance and harmony between development and environment. (by Alex Villanueva Jr. PNA)

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