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Hagedorn to professionalize Puerto Princesa transactions PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Mayor Edward Hagedorn will professionalize city government transactions towards excellence and innovation for local governance.

Speaking over DWRM-Radyo ng Bayan-Palawan Monday, Hagedorn said he is committed on professionalism which could promote a high degree of citizen and private sector participation in attaining balance between development and environment protection.

He said this will also ensure transparent, responsive and client-oriented governance with the highest degree of professionalism and public accountability.

While Puerto Princesa has been declared as a highly urbanized city, the mayor said he still envisions it as a as model city in sustainable development and a park-like city with balance and harmony between development and environment.

Hagedorn hired the services of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) to conduct a three-day strategic planning-workshop to be held at the Dos Palmas Island Resort from Aug. 7-9.

Prof. Edel Giza, one of the AIM educators, said the workshop, to be attended by the city mayor and all city government department heads, is designed for the specific governance and strategic management needs of the city residents.

Giza said activity will also focus on all aspects on the building capacity, motivation and performance in the context of the environment.

She said priority projects and programs will be identified and will revisit perfomance management the current system. (PNA)


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