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Hagedorn ready for full blast tourism promotion PDF Print E-mail
CORON, Palawan Oct. 28 (PNA) -- Mayor Edward Hagedorn has expressed his readiness to go full blast with their tourism promotion with the completion of some major tourism facilities that will accommodate overwhelming influx of tourists in the city.

"We are now ready for massive tourism promotion with these massive construction of hotels, Sabang road near completion and ongoing expansion and rehabilitation of our airport," he said in an interview by PNA.
Hagedorn said previously, he refused to attend any tourism convention abroad so he could entice more foreign and local visitors, but the city has inadequate hotel rooms to accommodate them.

He said there is no lean months for tourists as they have substantially increased all year round but they have no enough tourism facilities.

"Now, we are ready to receive big chunk of the country's visitors," he said.

With the city's development, Hagedorn is confident that after three to four years, Puerto Princesa will be the main tourist destinations in the country with a projected 600,000 local and foreign visitors yearly.

Puerto Princesa has 117,000 visitors a year.

"Tourism really contributes a lot to the economy and gives employment," Hagedorn said.

He mentioned the near opening of hotels, including 100-room Sheridan, another five-star hotel located in sitio Sabang, barangay Cabayugan.

Before, Puerto Princesa was a place no one really bothered to know, except of course the Puerto Princesans.

What little that people knew about Puerto Princesa were mostly conjured images of a not-so-wholesome place like being the abode of prisoners, and where malaria abounds.

But Hagedorn has built an image for the city as a place to go for eco-tourism, seeing a developing city yet maintains a balance with nature, a city in the forest.

With his readiness for a massive tourism promotion, Hagedorn said, they aim to bring in 600,000 tourists in just three years.

Because of its strong environmental program, Puerto Princesa wants to be the country's no. 1 tourist destination for its eco-tourism.

But starting third quarter of 2002, tourist arrivals have increased with the city gaining popularity as a conference and "Sports Tourism Capital" of the country. (PNA)
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