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Puerto Princesa all set for Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant PDF Print E-mail

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Nov. 26 (PNA) - This "city in a forest" is all set for the hosting of Mutya ng Pilipinas, one of the longest-running prestigious beauty competitions in the country.

The city government led by Mayor Edward Hagedorn is preparing for the arrival here of the finalists on Nov. 27 for pre-pageant activities like a press conference scheduled at the Hotel Fleuris on the same date.

At 8 p.m. on Dec. 1, the pageant’s talent night will be held at the City Coliseum, while the coronation night is slated on Dec. Dec. 7.

The mayor said the beauty competition is part of the celebration of the “Pista Na, Pasko Pa” double-treat festivities that will bring forth blessings and prosperity to all his constituents and visitors in the city.

"We are one with the brains behind Mutya in caring for the environment. In Puerto Princesa, we work double to make sure that Mother Nature is given due respect," Hagedorn said.

The environmentalist mayor believes that the pageant will boost the tourism sector in Puerto Princesa.

At present, the famed Underground River is occupying the top spot in the ongoing online voting for the new Seven Wonders of the World since Sept. 22.

"This is a good opportunity for both Mutya and Puerto Princesa to get the attention of the world," Hagedorn said.

"Mutya ng Pilipinas goes green this year and that perfectly fits what we have been doing in the city. I invite local and international tourists to come and see the beauty of Filipinas and Puerto Princesa," he added.

Contestants will vie for the following much-coveted titles: Mutya ng Pilipinas–International, Mutya ng Pilipinas–Tourism Puerto Princesa, and Mutya ng Pilipinas– Overseas Communities.

Major titlists will be sent to international beauty pageants such as Miss Asia Pacific-International, Miss Tourism International, Tourism Queen of the Year and Miss Intercontinental.

The Mutya ng Pilipinas–International and Mutya ng Pilipinas–Tourism Puerto Princesa stand to win P200,000 cash each, while Mutya ng Pilipinas–Overseas Communities will be getting 2,000 US dollars. Two runners-up will be given P50,000 each. (PNA)

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