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Puerto Princesa appeals for more votes for UGR as it slips in N7W ranking PDF Print E-mail

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Nov. 22 (PNA) – City Tourism Officer and Asst. City Administrator Rebecca Labit on Monday appealed for more votes for the world-famous underground river that has slipped away from the Top 7 list of most voted finalists in the latest ranking.

“We, as Filipinos, should keep the fire burning for the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP) and should not let it slip away in the global voting platform in the New 7 Wonders of Nature,”Labit said.

Labit said that for several months, the PPSRNP maintained its Top 7 rank, particularly after the re-launching of the “U R A Wonder of Nature” in Manila last August, where text voting in partnership with Smart and Globe communications was factored in in the campaign.

However, recently, it has lost its footing to go down to the No. 13 rank.

“We appeal to all the Filipino people here and abroad to continue voting for the underground river in the New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is our pride, and it is our treasure to be proud of. Winning in the world-search can help not just Puerto Princesa’s tourism industry, but the whole country’s as well, because it can help increase the opportunity for the Philippines to become one of the world’s prime tourist destinations”, Labit said.

More than halfway into the world-search that is expected to conclude next year, the PPSRNP’s stint in the N7W already brought an increase in Puerto Princesa’s tourism arrival.

Labit said that from January to June 2010, the city was able to record 230,000 foreign and domestic visits, which was comparatively higher to last year’s more than 268,000.

“We’re expecting the figure to go up to close to 400,000 when we get the official count from the PPSRNP, hotels, pension houses, and lodging inns from July to end of this year”, Labit said, noting that the increase was due to the popularity of the underground river.

Those who wish to support the PPSRNP, through SMS, can text PPUR, PPUR7 and/or PPUR15 to 2861. They will be charged and will receive a confirmation reply for every successful text.

Globe subscribers: 1 vote – “PPUR” to 2861 (P2.50 each text); 10 votes – “PPUR7″ to 2861 (P15 each text); and 15 votes – “PPUR15″ to 2861 (P30 each text).

Sun subscribers:1 vote – “PPUR” to 2861 (P2 each text); 7 votes – “PPUR7″ to 2861 (P15 each text); and 15 votes – “PPUR15″ to 2861 (P30 each text).

Smart Subscribers: 1 vote – “PPUR” to 2861 (P2.50 each text); 7 votes – “PPUR7″ to 2861 (P15 each text); and 15 votes – “PPUR15″ to 2861 (P30 each text).

Voters can also know how many votes have been sent by subscribers, Labit said. They just have to send a text with the keywords N7W POLL to 2861. For every PPUR keyword sent, the subscriber can get free trivia about the underground river and free wallpapers for their mobile phones.

In the latest ranking, the Amazon remains on the No. 1 spot, followed by the Dead Sea, Grand Canyon, Halong Bay, Jeite Grotto, Maldives and Uluru. The PPSRNP is second to the last in the list of 1-14 to Vesuvius. (PNA)

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