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Puerto Princesa opens beekeeping farm as new tourist attraction PDF Print E-mail

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, April 25 (PNA) -- This city of natural wonders is offering a new tourism attraction with a steady low humming sound that is slowly reverberating and intriguing many who are in search of a different kind of adventure.

Honey bee culture was introduced here almost eight years ago as a livelihood project for low-income earners under the office of Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn. The Puerto Princesa City Beekeeping Project (PPCBP) has now opened its farm in Barangay Irawan to local guests and tourists interested in apiculture, or the maintenance and study of honey bee colonies.

“This livelihood project was started because the city government, through the leadership of Mayor Hagedorn, wanted to make Puerto Princesa as one of the best honey producers in the country. Now, as part of our development, and because we’ve made milestones in the project, we want to open it to the public to make them aware how honey is produced, and how we work”, said PPCBP Project Manager Cristina Dador.

“Honey is one of this city’s bestselling take home favorites,” Dador explained. “Beside the love of honey, we thought people should also learn to appreciate these insects that produce them.”

Adis andredeformis, or the black dwarf honey bee, is the kind endemic in Palawan and they make the province a suitable place for bee culture or beekeeping, said Dador.

The beekeeping farm is not charging entrance fees for the moment. Single individual visits are welcome, but larger groups, she said, should send a letter request at least two days before the intended visit.

“More importantly, we want to foster awareness about beekeeping because sometimes, bees are misunderstood,” she said.

In the farm, Dador said they will be able to teach people basic beekeeping which does not actually require huge amounts of money, time or space, and can be done any place where flowers bloom. (PNA)































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