Mayor Hagedorn looks at proposing “greenbelts” for barangays
Tuesday, 31 October 2006

CITY MAYOR Edward S. Hagedorn is looking at the possibility of encouraging all 66 barangay leaderships in Puerto Princesa to consider designating one or two “greenbelt” zones in their jurisdictions that will serve as miniature community parks.

He said these will not only improve the City’s concern for environment protection, but will also persuade barangay residents to embrace the value of volunteering to keep their surroundings clean.

“We’re thinking of proposing for each barangay to have at least two greenbelt areas where residents can go and unwind with their children. Something like the idea of village parks,” he said.
The plan is still long-term, according to Mayor Hagedorn, as there are other necessary infrastructures that all 66 barangays need, and the City Government is slowly working on them. He’s looking at 2010 when all of these can be fully realized.

Outlying barangays going north and south will not have difficulty doing this, but those which are within the City might find it hard to look for areas that can be turned into greenbelts, he said.

Source: Palawan Times