Hagedorn optimistic of stronger tourism industry in 2009
PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Dec. 25 (PNA) -– With four hotels opening here next year, Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn is optimistic that this city's tourism industry will experience more foreign and domestic tourist arrivals compared to this year.

Speaking to the media recently during the holding of the annual "Pressmas" for them at Club Dos, Hagedorn said he's now confident to invite more guests to Puerto Princesa because he is assured there will be enough hotels to accommodate them.
He also said that road networks are already being improved, particularly going to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP).

"Unlike before when we used to shun the idea of inviting more visitors because we don't have enough to accommodate them, next year is different.

"We will start really campaigning for visitors abroad to come here and see the wonders of our nature," Hagedorn told more than 150 members of the print and broadcast media members on December 3.

The road leading to the PPSRNP is currently being cemented under funds from the Malampaya revenue share, Hagedorn added.

Once completed, the mayor said access to the subterranean park will greatly improve.

He also expressed positivity on the construction of resort hotels in Barangay Cabayugan, the home of the world famous Underground River. (PNA)