Puerto Princesa carries out simple steps to get business permit

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Dec. 16 (PNA) -- In an effort to encourage residents here to put up their own businesses, the city government eyes to simplify the acquisition of business permits through the Enhance Tax Revenue and Collection System or EXTRACS.

High-risk businesses that usually undergo 25 steps to obtain permits are now happy to do it in five steps, while risk businesses that used to do it in 17 steps now do it in four, according to Hans Shrader, senior operations officer of the International Finance Corporation (IFC)-Philippines, the city government’s partner in providing and mobilizing capital to encourage private investments.

Shrader said through EXTRACS which was signed under a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn and the city government, five offices that are important to get business permits – Zoning Division, City Engineering Office, Land Tax Division, City Health Office, and City Bureau of Fire Protection – can be connected.

EXTRACS will also control interaction among people which is often the reason why corruption happens because businessmen want to speed up the process that becomes the reason why they offer bribes.

Shrader said since they implemented the simplification business registration project EXTRACS four months ago, they did not expect to see it immediately achieving its goals.

“We admire the city government of Puerto Princesa and the leadership of Mayor Hagedorn for making this possible. With a simplified business registration program, more will be interested to engage in small businesses, and more families will become self-reliant because they will already be earning incomes,” he said.(PNA)