Scuba Diving

Dive sites are located from 5 to 40 minutes away from the beach by speedboat inside Puerto Princesa Bay. The closest dive sites are White Beach and Red Cliff, both located inside Puerto Princesa Bay. These are preferred sites for open water training dives as they offer slopes and walls that begin 20 (7m) feet from the surface. Colorful reef fish are common and various coral colonies can be observed in one dive. Turtles and rays are usually sighted amongst soft corals and sandy portions of the site.

Manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and other megafauna have been sighted in these waters. But because these animals are wild and free-swimming, we can not promise you an encounter or set a schedule of their appearance. Suffice it to say you may be diving with one of nature's most fantastic marine creations in Puerto Princesa!